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Google Still Whining

July 4, 2007

“Google Inc. still hopes to influence changes that Microsoft Corp. plans to make in Vista’s desktop search function, even after the parties involved in Microsoft’s 2002 antitrust settlement agreed to alterations to the search system.On Monday, in response to Microsoft’s opposition to an earlier request, Google asked that the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia allow it to weigh in as an interested party regarding the way the search function should be changed. The filing comes two weeks after Microsoft and the plaintiffs in the antitrust suit said that they had worked together and agreed to changes.”


Restrict Google Image Results to Faces

May 27, 2007

“The image results for Paris are pretty diverse, but most of them are about the French city and Paris Hilton. Now let’s restrict the images to faces by adding &imgtype=face at the end of the URL: we get all kinds of images, but all of them show faces. Google uses face detection technology to select only images that contain faces and that may be the first visible result of the Neven Vision acquisition.”


Website: – More Defined Searches

May 15, 2007

“netsearchengine is a new kind of search engine that combines smart user collaboration with the strength of Google powered algorithmic search. netsearchengine consists of a network of twenty vertical search engines. the index of each vertical search engine is created through a continuous, collaborative editing process. each website or web page within the search index is suggested by users and verified by a majority vote.

when you perform a search using one of the vertical search engines, the results will reference only pages contained within the collaboratively edited vertical index. rather than searching the entire internet, you are searching a pre-defined slice of the internet which is more specific to your categorical intent. your search results will be more focused and relevant to your needs.

try netsearchengine and see what its like to search smarter.”