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Skype Pre-Paid Cards At Wal-Mart

May 14, 2007

Wal-Mart reported Monday that it will offer the first pre-paid cards for Skype VoIP calls as the world’s largest retailer — with 1,800 stores — announced a line of Skype certified headsets, Webcams, and handsets that it will sell in the Internet and voice communications areas of Wal-Mart stores. A Skype spokesman said the pre-paid cards will cost $8.85 and contain a $20 Skype credit and a three-month subscription to the VoIP provider’s Unlimited Calling plan. Skype, a unit of eBay, provides free calling among Skype’s 196 million registered users and relatively inexpensive calls with users on public switched telephone networks.”


Enjoy Free International And Skype Calls From Any Cell Phone With MOBIVOX

May 12, 2007

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