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New Sony Playstation Portable

July 13, 2007

“Last month, Sony was in news as it released its firmware upgrade for its Playstation Portable which can give upto 25% boost in its clock speed. There was a rumours by an unnamed source that the previous firmware version was hacked by game developers and they could allow their games to run on full CPU speed. There were speculations that the high impact games were running at 266MHz where as the full potential clock speed is 333MHz. Soon after the firmware news, it is now turn to introduce a more advanced and upgraded PSP. This includes a brighter screen, a slimmer profile and increased battery life.”


Beat-Fingerprint-Security-By-Cutting-Off-Finger Trick No Longer Viable, Thanks To Sony

June 19, 2007

“…they’ve come up with a system doesn’t use fingerprints, but rather an image of the capillaries (via Network Computing) beneath the skin of a person’s finger. The pattern in the image can only be captured when blood is pumping through the finger in question, so severing it from the rest of the victim would render it useless.”


Sony Ericsson Intros 5Mp Cyber-Shot Phone

June 15, 2007

“The K850 is set to go on sale early in Q4 – October, basically. When it arrives, it will not only sport that higher-resoution image grabber but also a xenon flash, auto-focus, 16x digital zoom and a 2.2in, 320 x 240, 262,144-colour display. It also has 3G connectivity with HSDPA high-speed download technology. Sony Ericsson claimed the camera can upload at HSDPA speeds too – does it have HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) on board? If it does, that’s not an abbreviation the company mentioned.”


PSP Slim Details

June 12, 2007

“Over at game blog Rumor Reporter, they’re floating more details on the rumbled PSP slim. According to the site, the updated PSP won’t have big speed increases and will be outfitted with a slot UMD loader. Screen-wise, the site states that its the same size and is “Sidekick-esque.” That would give the portable a “flip-factor” and decrease the system’s overall size. Underneath the screen, there’s a “Home” button—just like there is now. There are also all new controls for UMD movie chapter and music skipping.”


Sony Layoffs Due To Lack Of PS3 Sales?

June 7, 2007

“Reported layoffs at Sony may serve as another wake-up call to the company’s current struggles in today’s gaming market, but an executive denies that PS3 sales are to blame.”

“”This move is not wholly related to any one product in our portfolio,” Karraker wrote. “More accurately, it is reflective of shifts in the marketplace and in consumers’ wants and needs, such as the rise of digital content delivery and networked services. In order to maintain our market leadership, the management of SCEA has found it necessary to analyze the business and restructure the company as necessary.””


Sony’s New Ultraportable Is A Traveler’s Dream

June 7, 2007

“If you’re in the market for a new ultraportable laptop, Sony’s new Vaio TZ11 might be just what you’re looking for. The wee lappie features an 11.1-inch screen and weighs a mere 2.6 pounds. Inside, however, it doesn’t skimp, packing enough horsepower to run Vista’s Aero features at full blast. The screen is LED-backlit, just like the new MacBook Pros, which use less energy and turn on faster. This helps give the TZ11 a seriously impressive 9 hours of battery life, which is nothing to scoff at.”


Sony Introduces Slim SXRD Microdisplays With High Frame Rate

June 7, 2007

“Sony today unveiled five new BRAVIA®SXRD® (Silicon X-tal (Crystal) Reflective Display) micro-display HDTVs featuring Motionflow 120Hz high frame rate technology and dramatically thinner cabinets.

About 20 percent slimmer than last year’s sets, Sony’s A3000 line features three new models including the 50-inch KDS-50A3000, the 55-inch KDS-55A3000, the 60-inch KDS-60A3000 (screen sizes measured diagonally) models.

With cabinets about 40 percent thinner than its predecessor models, the XBR micro-display line features two new sets – the 60-inch KDS-Z60XBR5 and 70-inch KDS-Z70XBR5 (screen sizes measured diagonally). Sony’s engineers were able to decrease the depth of each model without increasing the height of the models.

“Going bigger is not a compromise with Sony SXRD micro-displays,” said Randy Waynick, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Home Products Division. “With slim cabinets, advanced features like high frame rate and full HD 1080p resolution, SXRD TVs give consumers who want big picture impact exactly what they have been looking for.””


PSP Phone From Sony Ericsson

June 1, 2007

“Nowadays everything seems to be converging into a mobile phone. It already can be a perfectly good digital camera, a mobile TV station a music player or GPS receiver. One of the things missing here was a mobile gaming platform. But it’s coming too.

And who’s better positioned to create a perfect mobile gaming platform then Sony? It already has one – Sony PSP. It also makes some great mobile phones via joint venture with Swedish Ericsson.

Their recent patent filing shows how Sony Ericsson will go about integrating these two gadgets:”


High Quality Sound From Golf Ball Sized Speakers

May 25, 2007

When Sony labeled the DAV-IS10 as a micro home theater system, they certainly weren’t kidding. This 5.1 channel sound system boasts speakers that are roughly the size of a golf ball, and yet are capable of delivering high quality sound that is on par with full size speakers.”


The Flexible Sony TV Screen

May 24, 2007

“The new screens are made of plastic, which allows OLED screens to bend. The prototype Sony showed off was just 2.5-inches, but it claims larger versions should be produced soon.”