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RIAA Admits ‘Stream-ripping’ Is Not A Problem

July 19, 2007

I guess this is about as close to good news as you’re going to get when it concerns the RIAA.

“The Digital Freedom Campaign today responded to a statement made by RIAA Senior VP of Govt Relations, Mitch Glazier in a recently noted that stream ripping, an unrelated issue to the current Internet radio royalty rate debates, was not necessarily a problem.

Mr. Glazier, addressing the logic behind a sudden effort by the recording industry to require webcasters to adopt anti-stream ripping technology was asked whether stream-ripping was even a problem, stated, “why wait until it is a big problem to start addressing it? There are available technologies in the marketplace to address this issue.” The ‘stream-ripping’ issue is not relevant to the Internet royalty rate decision by the Copyright Royalty Board in March, and was not mentioned in the CRB ruling.

“The music industry’s top lobbyist is calling for the implementation of a burdensome, costly, and completely unnecessary technology by webcasters who play and promote the artists the RIAA claims to represent. He then admits that the issue is “not a big problem,” said Jennifer Stoltz, a spokesperson for the Digital Freedom Campaign. “For the RIAA to try to impose unrealistic and wholly unnecessary technical mandates on an innovative and vibrant industry as part of larger, unrelated negotiations process is baffling.”


Details of DivX’s Media Streamer Leaked

June 13, 2007

A post on the DivX Labs website announced the beta tester signup for a secret project for streaming media.   Though the post does not directly indicate the GejBox is part of the beta test, a posting on Engadget claims GejBox is indeed the secret project.

Engadget describes the GejBox as a hardware DivX media center, capable of wired or wireless video streaming across the network to a television. Images of the GejBox reveal HDMI, Ethernet, optical audio and composite interfaces.  A coaxial WiFi interface is also clearly visible.”