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Dell to Release Tablet PC in Q3

May 20, 2007

“Dell has been sitting on the sidelines as companies like Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Gateway and Lenovo

have embraced the Tablet PC form-factor. Dell will no longer sit on the bench and instead will get into the game the latter half of 2007.

The company posted a short minute-long video on its Direct2Dell blog site which discusses its new Latitude XT Tablet PC. The Latitude XT will be marketed at the education, medical and corporate sectors according to Dell’s Jeff Clark.”


Tablet PC Design Concept Has A Flexible Color Display

May 15, 2007

“Take a look at that tablet PC on the upper left, and imagine it folding up into that palm-sized package you see on the right. That’s the idea of designer Daniel Alexander, whose concept for a foldable tablet PC uses flexible color screen technology that doesn’t exist yet, but displays similar to this are under development right now.”