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Microsoft: Soon To Be Your TV Manufacturer?

June 21, 2007

Microsoft announced their Media Center Extenders partner program over a year ago at WinHEC 2006, and since then there have been no 3rd party Media Center Extenders and we’re six months into Vista. Now, I have been assured by the eHome group that partners are coming soon (in time for Christmas), but this may be a sign the company is either looking to build their own or are looking to somehow get closer to the hardware side in terms of product development for their MCX program

They may think the Chinese market, in particular, may be greenfield for development of IP connected video products and this may be their entree into the market. They do have some IPTV partners in trials in China Netcom, but this is more of a play towards the end-user and potentially for public Internet video.”


Dell Denies LCD TV Departure

June 8, 2007

Late yesterday Reuters indicated Dell would exit the LCD television business. According to the early reports, the move would allow Dell to focus on its core competencies and less on diversifying.

Today, Dell representatives told reporters that while the company will make changes to its LCD TV line, it will be staying in the LCD TV market for the long haul.  Dell spokeswoman Rachel Lyon revealed that Dell will actually offer a larger selection of screens.

“We will soon offer a wider assortment of televisions from leading manufacturers that feature the latest technology and meet Dell’s high standards for performance,” said Lyon.”


Sony Introduces Slim SXRD Microdisplays With High Frame Rate

June 7, 2007

“Sony today unveiled five new BRAVIA®SXRD® (Silicon X-tal (Crystal) Reflective Display) micro-display HDTVs featuring Motionflow 120Hz high frame rate technology and dramatically thinner cabinets.

About 20 percent slimmer than last year’s sets, Sony’s A3000 line features three new models including the 50-inch KDS-50A3000, the 55-inch KDS-55A3000, the 60-inch KDS-60A3000 (screen sizes measured diagonally) models.

With cabinets about 40 percent thinner than its predecessor models, the XBR micro-display line features two new sets – the 60-inch KDS-Z60XBR5 and 70-inch KDS-Z70XBR5 (screen sizes measured diagonally). Sony’s engineers were able to decrease the depth of each model without increasing the height of the models.

“Going bigger is not a compromise with Sony SXRD micro-displays,” said Randy Waynick, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Home Products Division. “With slim cabinets, advanced features like high frame rate and full HD 1080p resolution, SXRD TVs give consumers who want big picture impact exactly what they have been looking for.””


Watch TV In Your Browser

June 1, 2007

Fox, Sci-Fi, CNBC, NBC News, Music, you name it.

AT&T To Offer TV Over Phone Lines

May 27, 2007

“AT&T is upgrading their phone lines to offer video programmes over phone line. The service, called U-verse TV will be available in parts of Southern California communities initially. Channel lineups will be similar to traditional cable and dish offerings. AT&T is insisting that, ‘This offering is on par with those of its cable rivals. But AT&T claims that it offers customers more for their money, including fast channel changing, video-on-demand, three set-top boxes, a digital video recorder, a picture-in-picture feature that allows viewers to surf channels without switching channels and an interactive program guide.'””


The Flexible Sony TV Screen

May 24, 2007

“The new screens are made of plastic, which allows OLED screens to bend. The prototype Sony showed off was just 2.5-inches, but it claims larger versions should be produced soon.”


Soundmatters SLIMstage For Wall Mounted TVs

May 12, 2007

“You’ve upgraded to a kick-ass flat-panel HDTV and even gotten it up on the wall — well done. Now you want good sound, but the last thing you want to do is clutter up your room with bulky speakers everywhere. Soundmatters hears your plea, creating the SLIMstage speaker for just your situation. The SLIMstage40 was made to pack the punch of an entire 5.1-channel speaker system, able to crank out 170 watts of sound from a component that measures just 3.6 inches thick but 39 inches wide — a perfect fit right under that new plasma.”


Will Your TV Be Obsolete In 2 Years?

May 8, 2007

FCC Requires Retailers to Label TV Sets

Millions of television sets could become inoperable two years from now when broadcasters switch from analog to digital signals.

Concerned that many consumers are unaware of the transition planned for Feb. 17, 2009, federal regulators on Thursday said TV retailers will soon be required to educate them.”


How About A Picture Frame For That New LCD TV?

May 3, 2007

“Pottery Barn is selling an item designed to improve the look of one’s flat panel TV. The Chadwick Flat Panel Frame is essentially a picture frame for a flat panel TV.It’s available in three sizes and it’s crafted from hard wood. The frame is available now for $400 – $500.”


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