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Web attack could hit home routers

February 16, 2007

If you haven’t changed the default password on your home router, do so now. That’s what researchers at Symantec and Indiana University are saying, after publishing the results of tests that show how attackers could take over your home router using malicious JavaScript code.”

Owners of home routers who set a moderately secure password — one that is non-default and non-trivial to guess — are immune to router manipulation via JavaScript,” the paper states.”

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If only I had 8 grand for every IE7 flaw I’ve come across…

February 9, 2007

“iDefense is looking to ferret out the vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7, as well as in its new Vista operating system. The cyberthreat analysis company announced on its Web site that it will offer up to $8,000 for each submitted vulnerability that allows an attacker to remotely exploit and execute arbitrary code on either Vista or IE7. The offer comes as iDefense’s quarterly challenge.”

Might wanna check this one out.