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Google Still Whining

July 4, 2007

“Google Inc. still hopes to influence changes that Microsoft Corp. plans to make in Vista’s desktop search function, even after the parties involved in Microsoft’s 2002 antitrust settlement agreed to alterations to the search system.On Monday, in response to Microsoft’s opposition to an earlier request, Google asked that the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia allow it to weigh in as an interested party regarding the way the search function should be changed. The filing comes two weeks after Microsoft and the plaintiffs in the antitrust suit said that they had worked together and agreed to changes.”


Look, It’s Google, Crying Like A Baby

June 11, 2007

“Google alleged that Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system puts other search software companies at a disadvantage, making it difficult for users to employ non-Microsoft desktop-search software, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing lawyers familiar with the case. Microsoft’s own desktop indexing system is almost impossible to turn off, Google claimed in a white paper sent to both the DOJ and states’ attorneys general, thereby affecting a computer’s performance when running non-Microsoft search index, the report said.”