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AT&T Offers Some Customers Free Wi-Fi

July 3, 2007

“Subscribers who get the company’s Pro, Elite and FastAccess can use any of the company’s 10,000 hotspots located in airports, coffee shops, McDonald’s restaurants and Barnes & Noble bookstores for free. Those with lower tier services can add unlimited Wi-Fi access for $1.99 per”

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Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card To Debut This Fall

June 12, 2007

I’ve got to tell ya. If the Eye-Fi Wi-Fi capable SD memory card is real, I’m picking it up on day one. According to reports on the net (via jkOnTheRun) and the Eye-Fi website, Eye-Fi is capable of transferring photos from your digital camera to a networked PC or to your favorite photo sharing site (partnerships are in the works).”


WiFi Digital Picture Frame By MemoryFrame

May 21, 2007

“The MemoryFrame MF-8104 Premium from Digital Spectrum is a 10.4-inch digital picture frame that might just finally be pushing all the right buttons. With its built-in Wi-Fi, it lets you communicate with your home network, letting you snag pictures from photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Windows Live Spaces and Webshots without shelling out for a paid subscription service. Plus, it can play a variety of sound and video files, and includes a remote control.”

“But it looks like its 800×600 resolution is enough to get the job done, and it’s just the right size to accommodate standard 8×10 picture frames…”


Avis to Offer Wireless Internet Gear

May 21, 2007

“Avis Rent A Car System is offering customers a wireless Internet service to use in its rented cars, hotel rooms and other places a traveler might go.The new Avis Connect service, priced at $10.95 per day, can transmit a Wi-Fi signal to multiple laptops and other mobile devices at the same time.

The service is provided with a portable device developed by Autonet Mobile that gets its Internet connection from a cell phone network. The company declined to disclose which one, though the cellular technology involved suggests that it is being prov”


Router-Free WiFi PC to PC Networking with WiPeer

April 27, 2007

Network World has a story on a new technology called WiPeer (available as a no-cost download here) that allows PCs to be linked – up to 300 feet indoors, 900 feet outdoors – to one an other wirelessly without the need of a router. Sounds interesting, right? But you’re probably asking yourself how could use this. Read on for real-world examples (you might be surprised).”