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Microsoft Ending Vista Family Discount

July 3, 2007

“Five months after its introduction, Microsoft is discontinuing a program that offered some Windows Vista purchasers the ability to buy additional copies of the operating system at a substantial discount.

Since Windows Vista went on sale to consumers at the end of January, US and Canadian buyers of Vista Ultimate have had the option of buying up to two additional copies of Vista–albeit the Home Premium version–for an additional US$50 apiece. The company had said it would re-evaluate the “Windows Vista Family Discount” after 30 June.

In a posting on the Windows Vista Team Blog, Microsoft product manager Nick White said the program would “sunset” as of 11.59pm PDT on 30 June.

“Around the time of the Windows Vista launch, we announced the Windows Vista Family Discount program to further persuade families to become early adopters of Windows Vista,” White wrote. “We’ve been pleased with the response to the program, which has enabled thousands of multicomputer families to upgrade more than one PC in their home to Windows Vista.””



Microsoft Flip-flopping On Virtualization License

June 21, 2007

Microsoft came within a few hours of reversing its EULA-based ban on the virtualization of Vista Basic and Premium, only to cancel the announcement at the last minute. The company reached out to media and bloggers about the announcement and was ready to celebrate “user choice” before pulling the plug, apparently clinging to security excuses.”


Ubuntu Linux Validates As Genuine Windows

June 18, 2007

“Another crack in the Windows Genuine Advantage wall. A user at managed to validate an Ubuntu installation as a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows and get to the download page of Windows Defender, using IE4Linux and Wine. (Here is an OGG video of the process.) Along with the advancement of LiveCD technology, this could spell the end of Microsoft’s control over who gets their updates.”


Microsoft & Linspire Getting Friendly

June 14, 2007

“Looks like there’s a danger of some of the open-source software world and Microsoft breaking out into a huge big love in. Linspire, which started life as Lindows in an effort to antagonise Microsoft, has announced an agreement with the Redmond giant to co-operate in a number of areas.”

” It’s most worth of note that these new features only come with Linspire, the pay for product and not Freespire, which is available for free download. It’s not clear who specified this, but the benefits to Lindows is clear – income – and to Microsoft, they’re not making a free Linux product better, thus pushing people towards thinking that operating systems must be paid for. Free OSs terrify Microsoft.”


Microsoft, Mozilla Execs Respond To Safari On Windows Announcement

June 14, 2007

“For companies like Microsoft and Mozilla, Safari coming to Windows means that one more competitor will be thrown into the Windows browser battlefield. While neither company has expressed dismay with Apple’s decision to put Safari on Windows, on Monday executives from both Microsoft and Mozilla expressed a lack of concern for their new (Windows) foe.”


Safari For Windows, 0day Exploit In 2 Hours

June 12, 2007

“Apple released version 3 of their popular Safari web browser today, with the added twist of offering both an OS X and a Windows version. Given that Apple has had a lousy track record with security on OS X, in addition to a hostile attitude towards security researchers, a lot of people are expecting to see quite a number of vulnerabilities targeted towards this new Windows browser.I downloaded and installed Safari for Windows 2 hours ago, when I started writing this, and I now have a fully functional command execution vulnerability, triggered without user interaction simply by visiting a web site. I will not sell this one to ZDI or iDefense but instead release it here, as I have done lately with a number of 0day vulnerabilities. This place is where you get my latest research )

A bunch of other security researchers such as David Maynor and Aviv Raff have been pounding safariWin with their fuzzing tools, going through thousands upon thousands of test pages in the hopes of triggering some form of memory corruption for potential exploitation. I am a big fan of fuzzing and believe it can produce some tremendous results, but sometimes good old fashioned application specific knowledge can get you far.”


Linux x86 Growth Outpaced By Microsoft Windows

June 11, 2007

A recent IDC report showed Linux servers continuing to increase market share for x86 architecture with a second consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, but the bigger news could be Microsoft’s even bigger surge with Server 2003. The software giant’s Server 2003 showed modest gains in Q1, with IDC reporting that Microsoft Windows Server revenue was USD 4.8 billion in Q1.”


Look, It’s Google, Crying Like A Baby

June 11, 2007

“Google alleged that Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system puts other search software companies at a disadvantage, making it difficult for users to employ non-Microsoft desktop-search software, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing lawyers familiar with the case. Microsoft’s own desktop indexing system is almost impossible to turn off, Google claimed in a white paper sent to both the DOJ and states’ attorneys general, thereby affecting a computer’s performance when running non-Microsoft search index, the report said.”


Windows Evolution – From 1.0 to Vista

June 11, 2007

There is a collection of pictures of different Windows versions. You can see how Windows changed from 1.0 to Vista.”


Russian ATM Runs On Unactivated Copy Of Windows

June 10, 2007

“but seriously, who skimps on a product activation code when running a multi-million (billion?) dollar banking operating?”