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Windows Evolution – From 1.0 to Vista

June 11, 2007

There is a collection of pictures of different Windows versions. You can see how Windows changed from 1.0 to Vista.”


XP vs. Vista – A Tale Of Framerates

June 7, 2007

From HardOCP

“We recently published an article that compared framerate performance between Vista and Windows XP in multiple current gaming titles. We wanted to do this because there were many claims that Vista was a poor gaming operating system, or at least that it didn’t perform as well as XP on the same hardware. Up to now, it’s been claimed that poor driver support has crippled Microsoft’s new operating system. We wanted to try to associate hard numbers to this issue and take an industry accounting of what users can expect from Vista. We even went so far as to test two different video cards and driver sets. Both were from NVIDIA, and included a 7600 GS and an 8800 GTS 320MB.

However, our scope was more limited than we realized. After the article, a consistent criticism was that we did not include ATI hardware in our evaluation, so any claims that we made were unqualified. Our readers were absolutely right. One of the reasons that our content is better than most publications is that because we have the best readership in the industry and we listen to them.”


Free Vista Upgrades Slow To Arrive

May 11, 2007

“Julie Marto of Medfield, Massachusetts, purchased a Dell Inspiron notebook running Windows XP last October. Through a program called Express Upgrade, she was promised a free copy of Windows Vista when the operating system became commercially available. It’s been five months since Vista went on sale January 30. Marto is still waiting and steaming mad.”I’ve done everything I can to get my Vista upgrade including e-mailing a request to Michael Dell himself,” Marto says. She says she never received a reply from Michael Dell.”

“ModusLink, which is processing Vista upgrade requests for people who bought Acer, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, and Toshiba computers, says the company is very sensitive to the fact that customers are frustrated. “We are doing the best we can,” says Christine Pothier, the company’s marketing communications manager.

When PC World spoke to Pothier in early April she said the issues with handling extremely large volumes of Vista upgrade requests had been remedied by hiring extra staff. She now says that new issues are delaying shipment of some Vista upgrade discs.”

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Dell Brings Back XP On Home Systems

April 20, 2007

I honestly didn’t see this one coming.  I’m actually surprised Microsoft is allowing it.

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Time change that’ll screw up software

February 13, 2007

“For three weeks this March and April, Microsoft Corp. warns that users of its calendar programs “should view any appointments … as suspect until they communicate with all meeting invitees.””

“However, computers running anything older than the most recent version of Windows XP, known as Service Pack 2, no longer get this level of tech support. Owners of those PCs should go into the control panel and unclick the setting that tells the machine to automatically change the clock for daylight-saving time. They have to make the change themselves when the moment arrives. (This is a sizable population; according to Gartner, Windows 2000 alone was still running 14 percent of PCs worldwide last year.)”

Here’s a thought, watch trying out any new time sensitive shareware during that time.

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Unprotected XP PC infected within 8 seconds of getting online

February 2, 2007

“In fact, after only 8 seconds, the unsuspecting little rascal was undergoing the machine equivalent of being turned into a “Pod person from the planet Mars!” First, it was hit by Sasser, one of the fastest spreading worms on the Internet. Then it started downloading strange programs from mysterious internet addresses. Then it started looking for other machines to infect.”


Windows XP->Vista Upgrade Workaround

January 31, 2007

It had been previously determined that you couldn’t simply enter your XP CDKey for Vista to install. You have to install the OS you’re upgrading from, then perform an actual upgrade to Vista. This is unlike how Microsoft OS upgrades had worked in the past.

Well, it appears there’s a workaround for you to still be able to do that.

Vista upgrade invalidates XP CDKey

January 31, 2007

You knew it was bound to happen, and now it’s official.  If you upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista, the XP CDKey you used for the upgrade will no longer be usable.